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Helping Protect Your Identity

Identity theft protection from LifeLock helps safeguard your finances, credit and good name. LifeLock informs you of publicly reported large-scale breaches so you can help better protect your personal information.

Check and Monitor your Credit Score

Receive online access to an annual credit score from a major credit bureau, including a list of top factors used to determine your score.

Credit Card, Checking and Savings Account Activity Alerts

You want to know when someone is using your credit cards or trying to control your bank accounts. LifeLock will help you detect suspicious activity with alerts for cash withdrawals, balance transfers and large purchases.

The Best Identity Theft Protection

You might have heard of identity theft protection and wondered if it could help secure your identity, credit and finances. Identity theft protection can be a powerful tool to thwart identity thieves and fraudsters. Finding the best protection program is key to safeguarding your identity and assets. If you're concerned about the security of your identity, it's time to choose an identity theft protection service that will offer you the best value and highest level of defense.

Key Features in the Best Identity Theft Protection Services Offer

So, what services do the best identity theft protection programs offer? Here's what you should look for when researching identity protection services.

Fraud monitoring: This service is central to identity theft protection. With fraud monitoring, your theft protection company will keep tabs on your credit and flag fraudulent uses of your credit information. With timely alerts, you can put the brakes on fraudsters who attempt to exploit your identity. Stop identity thieves from opening loans, accounts and lines of credit under your name.

Security for personal information: Your identity protection service provider should also safeguard your personal and other sensitive information. The best identity theft protection services, like LifeLock Advantage, will monitor everything from public records to black market sites to prevent breaches of your personal and financial data. These security measures can protect vital information, like your social security number, credit card data and phone number.

Recovery help: What do you do when an identity thief steals your information? If you are working with the right identity theft protection service, it will provide you with many tools you can use to recover your identity and repair any credit damage. LifeLock Advantage, for example, offers recovery insurance of up to $1 million to get you expert help when you need it most. It will also offer support for events that increase your risk of identity theft, such as when you've lost your wallet or recently moved.

Data breach alerts: The companies where you shop, browse online, bank and even get health insurance are being targeted by cyber thieves looking to steal user data. When such breaches occur, you can data breaches alerts and can get offered extra support if your information has been compromised. This helps customers determine if their data could have been stolen in a breach, and take steps to secure their information, credit and financial accounts.

Customer service: Whatever your identity theft protection needs or concerns, having the best identity theft protection will mean around-the-clock service. When shopping for an identity protection service, ask about customer service availability and policies, and look for 24/7 phone service, and setup help. You can also research companies that do not charge for customer service. Ask about recovery support in case your identity is stolen. Calling the customer service line of a theft protection company can help you get a feel for the service you can expect. You'll get much more out of your identity protection subscription if the service representatives are knowledgeable, helpful and prompt.

LifeLock® services provide more protection than credit monitoring alone, and watches out for you in ways banks and credit cards alone just can't. It’s proactive identity theft protection for today’s always-connected world. Become a LifeLock member today.

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